I want to dedicate a chapter to all those films that have been made over the years.
A long list that includes masterpieces and great action movies,which have allowed us to know the stories,

battles, and the suffering of all those people who in reality 'of the facts took part.

(On some pages missing posters, or you have been used original foreign ones, not for Italy)
There is much more material, but not translated for the Italian market. There are productions in
Vietnam, Australia, Korea and more.

Some movies may seem fictional, other raw and violent, but under the direction of great directors and great actors, great movies that we describe truthfully (or very near) the reality 'of those days.
I want to emphasize that I personally think all the films listed here, worthy of interest.

Because every film tells a different story.
Two lines to remember that several VHS movies, have not yet been dubbed on the DVD,

for which they arein my list I 'also included films about Cambodia and Laos,  

because I'm bound by the same historical period.

I hope that this list will serve, and if I had forgotten a title, please do not hesitate
let me know.

Massimiliano Valota