List these coins in order using the catalog numbers as before KM _WORLD COINS , being the most familiar to all collectors, and as my second numbering used on the published catalog, VIETNAM Coins and Papermoney 2013.


Elenco queste monete in ordine utilizzando come prima numerazione il catalogo KM _ WORLD COINS , essendo il piu' conosciuto da tutti i collezionisti , e come seconda numerazione  la mia , utilizzata sull'ultimo catalogo pubblicato,  VIETNAM  Coins and Papermoney 2013.



1975 - Issued


 This emission is issued with the currency reform of 22 September 1975 were used exclusively in the

South Vietnam until 3 May 1978.


KM A8__DRV 13

1975 AL.GR_0.87





1 XU





KM A9__DRV 14

1975 AL.GR_0.97






2 XU





KM A10__DRV 15

1975 AL.GR_1.53







5 XU